Probate Litigation

Sad looking girl with her fighting parents behind herDid your family always fight? Old family feuds often get worse after the death of a loved one and family tensions can reach the boiling point during the estate distribution, particularly if some of the next of kin are left out of the estate planning and/or administration process. This can lead to litigation in the Probate Court which is often become very complex, and is always emotionally charged. We will assist you in such matters by providing counsel on pre-litigation strategies, analyze potential risks and benefits, and explain to you exactly what you have to gain or lose. We then apply creative problem-solving techniques to secure a favorable resolution for you, frequently without further litigation.

Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation includes disputes regarding:

  • Contested Wills
  • Improper Disbursement of Estates (Probate and Non-Probate Assets)
  • Concealment and Embezzlement of Assets (before and after death)
  • Improper Use of Powers of Attorney
  • Concerns Regarding Actions of the Personal Representative, Executor, Administrator, or Trustee
  • Trust Litigation
  • Claims By and Against Fiduciaries
  • Understanding Your Rights as an Heir or Beneficiary